Bandos Tank setup

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Bandos Tank setup

Post by Lord Cryer on Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:17 pm

This is a setup I personally came up with, which I'd recommend if you have the gear & 90+ stats. I use the ring of suffering to make up for the def bonus I'm losing on torture, and I'm using a torture,prims, dwarven helmet, defender for the DWH accuracy. I'd even add in a tyrannical ring if I had it, but at 90+ melee stats I'd say, DWH hits pretty accurately when given enough crush bonus and is really good at bandos from my experience. Hasta for kc & for minions not wasting tent charges (if not just use a blessing). If no bandos, just use guthans for the entire kill. Pouch for alchs or pot share. If no DWH, I'd suggest sticking to fury, replace with BGS and bring an actual hammer ( or pick one up at kc, dwh counts as a hammer so i didnt need to bring)

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