Callisto Melee Setup

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Callisto Melee Setup

Post by Lord Cryer on Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:33 pm

Magic longbow spec has 100% chance of hitting ( similar to KQ can still roll 0s though), so its good for koing. Black d hide for pkers to splash tbs and barrages. Brew is for emergency. House tab for ann tele+ pool ( if no house just use  ann tab and dueling ring). Slayer ring for lvl 30 wild tele. if MM2 completed , that weird potato thing is good too, glory is fine as well. Use best ardy cloak you have, good for prayer bonus and provides some defense against mage ( good for pkers).If not, an ava works well with the magic longbow, just make sure you put on ranged body if u want arrows back

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