Clan Mass and Event Rules

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Clan Mass and Event Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:56 pm

Clan Masses serve a multitude of purposes. They allow a large portion of the clan to get together at the same time and have fun doing an event together, they provide a safer environment in which to teach novices how to kill a certain boss, they allow more chances to prove trust in the clan via drops in your name and they allow us to collect money for the clan's use at a very minimal cost to all the individuals who come.

Rules for the Mass & GP earned
1. The only money not given back to the clan is what is spent on Bonds for the CC
2. Any Clan Member who gets a drop worth a rank during a Mass gets to keep 25%
3. All high value items are to be traded to a Leader upon receiving that drop
4. Leave alchable items and coin drops on the ground for the designated alcher to pick up
5. Attending a Mass counts as 1 point towards the Giveaway, anyone who leaves before an hour only receives half a point. (The more points you have the more you qualify to make)

Anyone who receives a drop during a clan mass will get to keep 25% of the item, except for Elysian Sigils. Those will be split equally among all who attended the event

Drop Parties


Goody Bags

Winning other events such as: Mini games, Duel Tourneys, In-clan pking tourneys, XP gain contests, We can also set up a cash reward system for completing pvm related quests/non tradeables

If there is enough interest we can also look into obtaining a few items that people commonly ask to borrow

****NOTE: Attendance will be taken at these events; if you do not attend any before one of the Giveaways you will not qualify for the Giveaway****


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