PKing Rules

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PKing Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:56 pm

These are the expected Rules to be followed when Multi Pking with the Clan unless otherwise agreed upon by everyone in the team. Any disputes about fairness while Pking will be handled just like PvM with removal from the Clan as a possibility. Be Fair. Be Honorable.

1. Use Teamspeak if at all possible, even if you can't talk. Hearing calls is extremely helpful

2. All Gear items should be held onto or traded over to the cc until the end of the trip to be split equally. Supplies such as Potions/Food don't count but a large amount of Runes would

3. Designate a caller/back up caller. Follow their calls on who to attack/worlds to hop to

4. Killing Clannies is not tolerated, items are expected to be returned unless a challenge was given & accepted

5. Any high value item split could be worth a rank

6. The clan isn't responsible for any items lost while Pking, Don't risk anything you're not willing to lose

7. Be honorable, fight with the team. Sometimes Pking involves finding your balls and being willing to die. Don't be that guy who runs every time. With proper piling you can overcome another team even if they have a few people more than you


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