Diaries benefical for PVM

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Diaries benefical for PVM

Post by Lord Cryer on Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:35 am

Desert Elite Diary: Desert Amulet 4 can be an alternative to having a pool in POH (probably more difficult to get tho). Shortcut at KQ makes it possible to get 25+ kills/hr solo
Frem Elite: Noted Daggonath Bones
Ardy(the higher tier the better) Diary: Provides stab bonus, some magic def + magic accuracy+ prayer bonus. Makes it a good option for Wilderness Bosses and the KBD since it is very cheap/free.
Kandrain Hard diary: 10% higher chance of enchanted bolts activating.
Western Hard: Crystal Halbred, Elite void ( prayer bonus no additional stats). Can do western elite for a free death at zulrah, will respawn and continue fight.
Falador Hard: Mole Locator and free 100% prayer recharge 1 time a day
Lumbridge Elite: Extra block for slayer

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