People Banned from CC

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People Banned from CC

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:02 pm

1. Zobre Abok: Scammed a Saradomin Hilt
2. Bugs :  Scammed Arcane
3. Dr Tanky: Scammed Prims off of a clan member
4. Rosay: Had access to an account used to scam
5. SuperHarash: Had access to an account used to scam
6.Phorkyss:Had access to an account used to scam
8. Renzull
9. Ohai Ohai
10. inb4thots/Dreadsteed
11. INSANE LAD(Cempy)
12. Smiteyoely (King Rot)
14.Lacey Lynn (Zouey
15.itz king( il kinG li)
16. (Big Jigger)Flappy Nuts
17.William CX(Lightist)
18. Capt Gunner
20. IX Grifo IX: Scamming tassets
21. Vun Sen
22. RUChapped
23. Spirit Seeds
24. b0bba/cleaning man- Scammed twisted bow


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